Monday's News & Ideas

  • The common good
  • Archbishop as papa
  • Torch passed
  • Bishop Bledsoe reinstated
  • Karen King in spotlight
  • When leaders die in battle

What's so great about 'the common good'?Christianity Today: Andy Crouch on why Christians need to revive the historically rich phrase.

As the CofE's top man, Justin Welby must cope with our infantile projectionsThe (London) Guardian: Freud was not wrong when he explained the need for God in terms of the child's need for a father figure.

Generational shift in black Christianity comes to HarvardThe New York Times: On a brilliant fall morning, a torch of black Christianity was passed to another minister, scholar and son of Atlanta.

Bishop Bledsoe reinstatedUnited Methodist Reporter: The Judicial Council of the UMC reinstates to active status Bishop Earl Bledsoe, finding that his involuntary retirement violated fair process.

Harvard divinity professor relishes adventure, researchThe Boston Globe: Jesus finding puts scholar Karen King in spotlight.

The Spark

When leaders die in battle: what it means for the soldiers who live onIt's a situation unfathomable to most in the civilian world, but one the military takes for granted. This is the timeless nature of armies and war, Brian Mockenhaup writes in the Atlantic: Soldiers die, and soldiers under them take their place .

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