Monday's News & Ideas - 5/15/2017

  • Rob Bell's Bible book
  • UK hit peak secular?
  • US support for gay marriage
  • Trump @ Liberty U
  • Child saints of Fatima
  • Riding Grace

Rob Bell takes back the Bible
Religion News Service: Even if you think you already know a lot about the Bible, you'll learn something new in Rob Bell's new book. 

Nearly 50% are of no religion - but has UK hit 'peak secular'?
The (London) Guardian: Study shows overall decline in faith while immigration keeps numbers higher in London.

US support for gay marriage edges to new high
Gallup: Sixty-four percent of U.S. adults say same-sex marriages should be recognized by the law as valid, the highest percentage to date.

Trump: 'In America we do not worship government, we worship God'
The Atlantic: After a week of chaos in Washington, the president finally found a friendly crowd at Liberty University.

The child saints of Fatima
The Atlantic: In the last 1,000 years, only seven popes have been canonized. On Saturday, two Portuguese children received the rare honor.
PRI: Vendors do a brisk trade in beeswax body parts at Portugal's Shrine of Fatima

The Spark

Riding Grace
Tony Monroe spends five days a week riding his horse Grace through the most dangerous streets of Fresno, California. As Aeon video reports, after 25 years, he is an odd yet familiar presence in Fresno, riding and preaching a Christian gospel of encouragement and God's love to those who are struggling.

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