Monday's News & Ideas - 5/14/2018

  • Leaving M.Div. behind
  • Pastors @ Jerusalem embassy opening
  • Bishop Curry, royal wedding preacher
  • Christian Zionism
  • Evangelical White House journalist
  • How useful is fear?

More seminary students leave the Master of Divinity behind
Religion News Service: The gold standard for church leaders -- the Master of Divinity -- is losing some of its luster to its humbler cousin, the two-year Master of Arts.

Controversial US pastors to take part in embassy opening in Jerusalem
CNN: Besides the political concerns over the move itself, a pair of Christian evangelical leaders will be on hand whose words have caused their own share of controversy.
Mother Jones: Pro-Trump pastor who claims Islam is a "cult" picked to lead prayer at opening of US embassy in Jerusalem

Royal wedding 2018: US bishop to give address at service
BBC: The Most Reverend Michael Curry, presiding bishop of the Episcopal Church, is to give the address at the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle next week.

What's so American about Christian Zionism?
Religion & Politics: A new book argues that a significant tradition in American Protestantism has viewed the United States as a collective Cyrus, destined to help return the Jewish people to their Promised Land as a fulfillment of God's covenants with Abraham.
PRI: Trump, Netanyahu take evangelical support to a new level

An evangelical journalist finds his calling at the White House
The New York Times: David Brody has unusual access to the president. In return, Mr. Trump gets a direct line to the evangelical audience he depends on.

The Spark

How useful is fear?
Franklin D. Roosevelt meant to be soothing when he insisted, "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself." But as The Atlantic reports, the academic literature on fear reveals just how much heavy lifting that requires, as evolution installed phobias in humans that are hard to shake.

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