Monday's News & Ideas

  • Deadlock over Canterbury
  • Leap of faith in Dallas
  • Red Mass
  • British bishop & the banks
  • Womenpriest photos
  • CD at 30

Church in deadlock over new ArchbishopThe (London) Telegraph: Church of England could be left without an Archbishop of Canterbury for several weeks after panel choosing Rowan William's successor reaches deadlock.

Leap of faith -- Texas church invests big in new service, young pastorUnited Methodist Reporter: Dallas-area church creates an entirely new contemporary service, in a new space, to attract new people.

Record number of justices attend Red MassCNN Belief blog: Six of the nine Supreme Court justices attended the annual Red Mass at the Cathedral of St. Matthew the Apostle in Washington.

British banks face heat from on highWall Street Journal: Beleaguered British banking industry has faced angry politicians, regulators, consumers and now a bespectacled bishop wearing a cross made of nails.

Women as priestsThe New York Times: Photographer Judith Levitt tries to capture the devotion and conviction of priests and bishops of the Roman Catholic Womenpriests movement.

The Spark

The CD, at 30, is feeling its ageToday marks the 30th anniversary of the compact disc, NPR reports. The shiny discs came to dominate music industry sales, but their popularity has faded in the digital age they helped unleash. The CD is just the latest musical format to rise and fall in roughly the same 30-year cycle.

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