Monday's News & Ideas - 4/30/2018

  • James H. Cone, RIP
  • Welcoming church no more
  • Religion & modern fertility
  • Spirituality startup
  • RNS upheaval
  • Anna Karenina & marriage

James H. Cone, a founder of black liberation theology, dies at 79
The New York Times: The Rev. Dr. James H. Cone, a central figure in the development of black liberation theology in the 1960s and '70s who argued for racial justice and an interpretation of the Christian Gospel that elevated the voices of the oppressed, died on Saturday. He was 79.
The Root: Father of black liberation theology, Dr. James Cone, dies at 79

A welcoming church no more
Los Angeles Review of Books: Sam Washington has divorced himself from the evangelical church because the 2016 election highlighted the fact that the people he considered his brothers and sisters in Christ truly never saw him as such.

Gifts from God
The Washington Post: How religion is coming to terms with modern fertility methods.

How a spirituality startup is solving Silicon Valley's religious apathy
Forbes: Where other religious folks see despondency, Tara-Nicholle Nelson sees opportunity, with launch of SoulTour, a hybrid social network, app, and offline community that provides religion-agnostic uplifting content.

As EIC of Religion News Service is ousted, staff fears loss of editorial control
Columbia Journalism Review: Editor's departure comes after months of tension with Religion News Service's publisher.
The New Republic: Inside the spectacular implosion of Religion News Service

The Spark

As the Royal Wedding approaches, what can one of the world's greatest novels teach us about marriage?
One of the greatest novels ever published -- Tolstoy's "Anna Karenina" -- provides deep insights on why some marriages thrive and others don't, Richard Gunderman writes at The Conversation. It may have been published 140 years ago, but the doubts and desires of the characters ring true today.

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