Monday's News & Ideas - 4/16/2018

  • Church with Jimmy Carter
  • $7 billion drop in bequests?
  • Megachurch pastor problem
  • LGBT, religion & suicide
  • Australia's disappearing church buildings
  • Letters from childhood heroes

Going to church with Jimmy Carter
The New York Times: Jimmy Carter still has faith in this country, and Margaret Renkl hoped his Sunday school lesson might restore her faith, too.

How the new estate tax rules could reduce charitable giving by billions
The Conversation: Philanthropists give for many different reasons, but bequests could decline by about $7 billion a year.

A megachurch pastor resigns after sexual misconduct allegations. The larger problem remains.
Vox: (Usually male) megachurch pastors have a large influence over their flock. And that influence makes it more difficult to pursue allegations against those leaders.

Religious belief linked to suicidal thoughts for LGBT people
Reuters: Although religiosity is generally tied to reduced suicide risk, the opposite may be true for some young lesbian, gay and questioning adults, researchers say.

Uneasy heritage: Australia's modern church buildings are disappearing
The Conversation: In the post-war decades, Australian communities invested heavily in church buildings. Should they be allowed to disappear from memory, or should they be preserved and/or repurposed?

The Spark

All the charming things your childhood heroes sent you
Not so long ago, writing physical fan letters was just about the only way for a regular person to communicate with someone famous. And if you were lucky, you might've received a signed photo, or a hand-written note. And, as Atlas Obscura reports, boy are they delightful.

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