Monday's News & Ideas - 3/4/2019

  • UMC's fractured future
  • Wesley lessons on reweaving
  • Mother still in sanctuary
  • 25th anniversary of CoE women priests
  • Science of productive meetings
  • When does intelligence peak?

United Methodists face fractured future
NPR: The ramifications of the General Conference action are not yet fully evident, but fractures are likely -- between progressive clergy and conservative laity, between young and old, and between Methodists in the U.S. and in other parts of the world.
Religion News Service: Grieving, but not leaving, the United Methodist Church

Learning from the "godfather" of community organizing
Australian Broadcasting Corporation: Yes, we need a nation of weavers to restore the social fabric, but John Wesley and Saul Alinsky suggest we also need agency, institutions, organizing and a form of common-life politics, says Luke Bretherton.

A mother sought sanctuary in a church basement in 2017. She's still there
NBC: "We need to violate the law in order to do the right thing, and the right thing for me is to be a mother," says Juana Tobar Ortega.

Church of England marks 25 years since first women were ordained to priesthood
Christian Today: A service marking 25 years of the ordination of women to the priesthood in the Church of England was held at Lambeth Palace on Friday.

Less fluff, more stuff: the science of productive meetings
Knowledge @ Wharton: What if there was a way to make these mandatory huddles more meaningful -- and shorter?

The Spark

When does intelligence peak?
As we get older, we certainly feel as though our intelligence is rapidly declining. But as Scientific American reports, the question of when intelligence peaks is actually rather meaningless.

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