Monday's News & Ideas - 3/18/2019

  • Price of hate at Christchurch
  • NZ PM's exemplary leadership
  • Private college admissions
  • Greco-Romans and charity
  • Church leaders out of church
  • Jesuit love for March Madness

Christchurch: The price we pay for your freedom to hate
Australian Broadcasting Corporation: As the Australian Muslim community reels from the craven hate crime, Sydney lawyer Tamana Daqiq cannot help but wonder: "What if that were us? What if that will be us?"
HuffPost: Islamophobia is a global crisis -- and it's time we view it that way

Jacinda Ardern is showing the world what real leadership is: Sympathy, love and integrity
The (London) Guardian: The New Zealand prime minister has reacted to the Christchurch shootings with steel, compassion and absolute clarity. And she has given us a vision of a better world.

The difficult questions Catholics need to ask after the college admissions scandal
America: As a professor, Cecilia González-Andrieu is confronted daily by the problematic issue of who has a seat in the classroom and who does not. As a theologian, she is tasked with calling attention to the Christian priorities that should be, must be, different from those of the "marketplace."
The Atlantic: Elite-college admissions were built to protect privilege

How the poor became blessed
Aeon: Greco-Roman gods had no interest in the poor nor was organized charity a religious duty. Christianity was different.

I'm a "church leader" who doesn't really go to church
Christian Century: Adam J. Copeland loves the church. But he says it's harder to love specific congregations.

The Spark

A Jesuit confesses his love for March Madness and NCAA basketball
The Word has been made flesh and dwells among us, writes Vincent Strand at America. Among us and our variegated human drama, in which we love, sin and occasionally gather by the thousands to watch games involving balls and hoops.

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