Monday's News & Ideas - 3/13/2017

  • Vatican coup, or fake news?
  • Russell Moore losing job?
  • Baptist/Presbyterian congregation
  • Jews, Muslims & holy envy
  • Westminister Abbey, behind scenes
  • Dispatch from My Amish Home

Is Pope Francis really facing a coup? Or just 'fake news'?
Religion News Service: Reports are increasingly outlandish and often driven by an anti-Francis agenda that is so hyperbolic that it is obscuring the genuine reservations that some might have about the direction Francis is taking the Catholic Church.
The (London) Guardian: Pope Francis is pushing for change. Now the church must catch up

Could Southern Baptist Russell Moore lose his job? Churches threaten to pull funds after months of Trump controversy
The Washington Post: The debate is fiercely dividing the nation's largest Protestant denomination.

Baptist, Presbyterian congregations unite in new Lakeland church
Lakeland (Fla.) Ledger: "Dual denominational" Florida church has blended worship styles and a unique form of governance that reflects both Baptist and Presbyterian traditions.

Jews, Muslims, and holy envy
Religion News Service: Where is our holy envy: what, in the faith and culture of the other, do you most admire and covet?

Working behind the scenes at Westminster Abbey - in pictures
The (London) Guardian: Westminster Abbey has released images celebrating the people who work behind the scenes there, in centuries-old roles such as stonemason and gardener as well as more recently created jobs such as web developer.

The Spark

Would you believe it was the peanut oil?
Millie Otto of Arthur, Illinois, a member of the Old Order Amish, reports on the weather and other events in her regular column, My Amish Home, in The Journal Gazette/Times-Courier in Mattoon, Illinois. "We still have a chilly March wind, but it is nevertheless a lovely day."

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