Monday's News & Ideas - 3/11/2019

  • Methodist colleges' dilemma
  • Church building use
  • LGBT UMC clergy staying
  • A model apology
  • Independent religious bookstores
  • Curtis Mayfield's first singles

Dilemma for Methodist colleges
Inside Higher Ed: Vote by United Methodist Church body to strengthen prohibitions on gay clergy and same-sex marriages disappoints Methodist higher education institutions and raises difficult questions.

Houses of worship are not just for worship anymore
Religion News Service: While many churches engage in mission activities "beyond the walls" of their buildings, others are finding innovative ways to use their facilities to serve others and extend their mission in existing properties.

Gay clergy within Methodist Church stay despite vote to ban them
The Columbus (Ohio) Dispatch: Despite the denomination's decision, LGBT United Methodist clergy aren't backing down or leaving. They hope they can be an example to young Methodists struggling with their own identities, and they cherish the inclusion they have found in their own congregations.

A model apology from a sinner-saint
The Christian Century: An ELCA bishop apologized for sexist comments he made -- without claiming that they were out of character.

In the age of Amazon, spiritual and religious bookstores find a market that clicks
NBC News: Independent shops stress face-to-face relationships with loyal customers. "It doesn't cost anything to talk to me," an owner says.

The Spark

Curtis Mayfield's marriage of heaven and hell
The two singles from the legendary musician's first solo album were mirror images of each other writes The Atlantic: one reflecting empowerment, and the other total despair.

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