Monday's News & Ideas

  • We aren't Jesus
  • Bluegrass & klezmer
  • Religious, but religiously illiterate
  • Kosher rebellion
  • Largest Christian country
  • Culture in kitchens

A dash of cold water for Christian anarchismGeez: We aren't Jesus. And living just like Jesus doesn't get done what Jesus wants done.

A search for God through bluegrass and klezmerThe New York Times: In his religious life as an Orthodox Jew, Andy Statman adheres to rules; in his musical life as a brilliant mongrel, he defies them.

Religion in public schools: America is religious, but also illiterate of religionThe (Salt Lake City) Deseret News: Americans are famously illiterate of religion, so why is the Modesto School District the only one requiring students to take a world religions course?

Some restaurants in Israel declare a kosher rebellionNPR: Some restaurants and cafes in Israel are defying Jewish religious authorities who claim they are the only ones who can certify restaurants as kosher.

Theologian says China to have largest Christian populationCatholic News Agency: Harvey Cox says that countries with the fastest growing number of Christians don't have a Christian culture or traditions.

The Spark

The culture in kitchensCulture begins and ends on a plate, G. Murphy Donovan writes in the New English Review. From the earliest times, food played a key role in the spiritual and literal growth of families and a larger society. Eating plays a central role in both civility and civilization.

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