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  • A more religious world
  • Physical Christianity
  • Rowan’s new book
  • Intolerance in Israel?
  • Iranian pastor released
  • Character & child development

A more religious worldWashington Post: God is having a strong millennium, according to some fascinating poll results from the Pew Research Center.

Physical ChristianityThe (St. John’s, Newfoundland) Telegram: As a child, religion was more a bodily experience than one of the soul.

Archbishop launches parting attack on criticsThe (London) Telegraph: The Archbishop of Canterbury has launched a major attack on his critics in the Government and Church of England months before he leaves office.The (London) Telegraph: Archbishop of Canterbury interview: I don’t think I cracked it

Vatican official blasts extremists in Israel after monastery attackThe Daily Beast: Increased hostility from Jewish extremists has a top Catholic emissary accusing the Netanyahu government of fostering a climate of intolerance toward Christians.

Christian pastor - once sentenced to death in Iran - is released, group saysCNN Belief blog: Christian pastor sentenced to death in Iran for apostasy was reunited with his family Saturday after a trial court acquitted him.

The Spark

Opting out of the 'rug rat race'In big U.S. cities, competition among affluent parents over slots in favored preschools verges on the gladiatorial. At the root of the parental anxiety is the “cognitive hypothesis” – the belief that success depends mostly on cognitive skill. But, The Wall Street Journal reports, a growing group of experts disagrees. What matters most in child development are certain noncognitive skills that most of us think of as “character.”

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