Monday's News & Ideas

  • How do we share a world?
  • Fundraising myths
  • I want to be a burden
  • Improbable cowboy pastor
  • Religious speech / hate speech
  • Wild kingdom

What is interfaith cooperation for?Religion Dispatches: Eboo Patel says the problem that interfaith work seeks to solve is this: how are all of us, with our deep differences, to share a nation and a world together?

Stewardship and fundraising: Nine myths that hurt your parishDaily Episcopalian: Here are nine major myths that all too often trip up even the most faithful and diligent parishes and vestries.

I want to be a burden on my family as I die, and for them to be a burden on meThe (London) Guardian: Giles Fraser's problem with euthanasia is not that it is an immoral way to die, but that it has its roots in a fearful way to live.

Improbable pastor Cody Cochran sees rural Texas church flourishCrossmap: Cody Cochran grew up a cowboy, spending most of his young life on the back of a horse. So how did he end up pastoring a church of 500 in a town of 2,200 people?

When Christians become a 'hated minority'CNN Belief blog: The point where religious speech becomes hate speech is difficult to define, scholars and activists say.

The Spark

A child's wild kingdomJon Mooallem says it's a little alarming to realize just how animal-centric the typical American preschool classroom is. But then, his daughter's world has always overflowed with wild animals -- plush and knitted; embroidered on her socks or foraging on the pages of every storybook. Science has an explanation, he writes at The New York Times: Children seem drawn to other creatures. Human beings are inherently attuned to other life-forms.

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