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  • Pope wants pastors as bishops
  • Church without God
  • Hope in vicar's disco dance
  • The sexual devolution
  • Will Campbell remembered
  • Be true to what self?

Pope Francis wants pastors as bishopsNational Catholic Reporter: Pope Francis tells papal nuncios that he wants bishops who are "gentle, patient and merciful," pastors who are "close to the people."

Church without God - by designCNN Belief blog: It's Sunday in Cambridge, Mass., and a rapt congregation listens to a chaplain preach about the importance of building a community.Public Radio International: Ancient Hellenes religion makes comeback in Greece

This vicar's disco dance gives hope to the Church of EnglandThe (London) Guardian: An exuberant and joyful dance routine at a church wedding is a celebration of ordinary people and connects with them.

The sexual devolutionAmerica: Statistics tell us that 70 to 80 percent of college-age students are sexually active, but what they don't say is how numbing and sad much of that sex actually is.America: Save yourself

Will Campbell, pastor who loved them all, remembered by diverse crowd of 700The (Nashville) Tennessean: They gathered to celebrate a man who believed in loving everybody regardless of color, class, criminal record or moral standing.

The Spark

If you're 'true to yourself', you might end up finding no real self to be true toThe Girl Guides, the UK's version of the Girl Scouts, announced recently that it was changing its oath such that members will no longer "serve God" but instead "be true to themselves." The Rev. Giles Fraser, a columnist for The (London) Guardian, has no problem with the change. "I totally get it. But come on, what on earth does being true to yourself actually mean?"

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