Monday's News & Ideas - 2/4/2019

  • Bible-inspired diet & fitness
  • Debate over Christian schools
  • Zuckerberg, meet Luther
  • Life and death of John Chau
  • No confidence in speaking of faith
  • Facebook & friendship

Why Bible-inspired diets and fitness plans are catching on
Vox: Ezekiel bread, the Daniel fast, and Holy Yoga all take their cues from Scripture.

Hashtag stirs debate over role of Christian schools in US
Associated Press: For their supporters, Christian schools are literally a blessing, while to critics, many venture too often into indoctrination, with teachings that can misrepresent science and history.
Religion News Service: Why freaking out about Christian schools proves evangelicals' irrational fears

Mr. Zuckerberg, meet Martin Luther
Sightings: Trevor Sutton says it might prove fruitful to introduce today's tech creators to the sixteenth-century monk and reformer from Wittenberg, Martin Luther.

The life and death of John Chau, the man who tried to convert his killers
The (London) Guardian: The 26-year-old American adventure blogger was killed by an isolated tribe last year. His father blames "extreme" Christianity.

Anglicans churchgoers have 'total lack of confidence' in speaking about faith
Christian Today: Most Anglican churchgoers have a "total lack of confidence" in speaking about faith "at all and with anyone," according to a report for the Church of England's General Synod.

The Spark

Facebook: where friendships go to never quite die
On the 15th anniversary of Facebook, the Atlantic offers a look at how the site has changed social life by keeping weak connections on life support forever.

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