Monday's News & Ideas

  • Exodus for all
  • Monks recruit online
  • Web's effect on religion
  • Christian literacy
  • Counseling prisoners in Pakistan
  • Creativity as a game
  • Tech culture, past and present

The Exodus story and the necessity of desire for liberationOn Being blog: This story, among all the narratives of the Hebrew Bible, has proven itself a bearer across time of near-universal themes.

Monks embrace web to reach recruitsNew York Times: Benedictine monks in Rhode Island have done what many troubled organizations are doing to find new members -- they have taken to the Internet with an elaborate ad campaign featuring videos, a blog and even a Gregorian chant ringtone.

What effect has the Internet had on religion?The (UK) Guardian: Online, God has been released from traditional doctrine to become everything to everybody.

An Easter miracle: Children who know their Bible storiesThe (Melbourne) Age: Whether religious or not, few Australians know the basic Christian stories and their meaning.

Pakistan's Christian prison counselorBBC: In a country where extremism is on the rise and religious intolerance is a common theme, Arthur Wilson, a Pakastani Christian, ventures into inhospitable prisons to provide solace to both Christian and Muslim offenders.

3 reasons you should treat creativity like a gameFast Company: Bruce Nussbaum writes that the key to creativity is replacing linear thinking with a more organic framework -- the circle of the playground.

The Spark

When we all fought over the phoneKatharine Greider's kids don't understand that clunky receivers and old-fashioned TVs were once a kind of glue that kept families together. She reflects in Salon on a time when Americans watched TV, listened to records, and talked on the phone only in fixed locations inside their own homes, at more or less circumscribed times, like homesteaders gathered around the technological hearth.

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