Monday's News & Ideas

  • Religion, left & right
  • Why millenials need the church
  • Return of Jesus wars
  • The future is Amish
  • Francis the merciful
  • Business & philosophy

Religion challenges left and rightWashington Post: If liberals face obstacles when it comes to faith, conservatives have problems of their own, E. J. Dionne Jr. says.

Why millennials need the church as much as the church needs themCNN Belief blog: Rachel Held Evans offers some reasons why Christian millennials need the church just as much as the church needs them.Religion Dispatches: Maybe millennials are just realizing that 'God is dead'

Return of the Jesus warsThe New York Times: In the quest to make Jesus more comprehensible, new book makes Christianity's origins more mysterious, Ross Douthat says.

The Amish, Jews, Muslims and the future of religionThe (London) Telegraph: The Amish aim not to understand God but to follow him by perfecting their daily living. That's a modern recipe as well as an ancient one.

Pope Francis the mercifulWashington Post: Aboard a bumpy flight after a grueling trip, Pope Francis instinctively moved to what has already become a theme of his pontificate: mercy.

The Spark

Why future business leaders need philosophyBusiness leaders today need to be able to view the world in different shades -- one of possibilities, rather than constraints. But if you want to succeed in today's turbulent business world, don't get an MBA, Big Think reports. Study philosophy instead .

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