Monday's News & Ideas - 2/13/2017

  • Sanctuary & immigration sweeps
  • CoE & gay relationships
  • Religious conservatives & Trump
  • Conservative Christian divide
  • Liberation theology & Francis
  • Wired to be outside

The looming conflict between Trump's immigration sweeps and religious freedom
The Washington Post: Churches may act to protect immigrants out of a sense of religious obligation. And that is where things might get tricky for the Trump administration.

Church faces new split over attitude to gay relationships
The (London) Guardian: The Church of England is facing a fresh crisis over its stance on gay relationships following unprecedented criticism by a group of leading retired bishops over its failure to provide leadership on the issue.
The (London) Guardian: The Guardian view on Anglicans and gay clergy: stop listening, start leading

For religious conservatives, success and access at the Trump White House
The New York Times: A group that has felt shunted aside by the Republican establishment is finding doors open more quickly and willingly than it did even under friendly presidents like Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush.

These conservative Christians are opposed to Trump -- and suffering the consequences
The Atlantic: People working in ministry, music, and nonprofit advocacy are facing pressure for their political beliefs.

Can a controversial Latin American theology speak to Catholics today?
Religion News Service: For Catholics, the key to working collaboratively with Pope Francis on issues from mass migration to climate change to Hispanic evangelization may be found in a controversial movement that many left for dead long ago: liberation theology.

The Spark

We are wired to be outside
In her new book, "The Nature Fix: Why Nature Makes Us Happier, Healthier, and More Creative," Florence Williams shows how science is revealing what goes on in our brains when we step outdoors. As she explains in an interview with the National Geographic, nature makes us happy.

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