Monday's News & Ideas

  • UK's senior Cardinal resigns
  • Papacy as job
  • New Vanderbilt divinity dean
  • NYC houses of worship
  • Church says goodbye
  • Lost in the Cosmos

Cardinal Keith O'Brien resigns amid claims of inappropriate behaviourThe (London) Guardian: Pope accepts resignation of UK's most senior Catholic cleric, who has been accused of "inappropriate acts" against priests.

The pope's resignation has finally revealed that the papacy is simply a jobThe (London) Guardian: The purposes of the almighty do not flow exclusively through the narrow weir of the papacy.

Yale theologian is drawn to lead a divinity school with a progressive edgeChronicle of Higher Education: Professor Emilie M. Townes, on her new job as dean of Vanderbilt Divinity School.

NYC houses of worshipReligion & Ethics Newsweekly: Block by block analysis suggests that New York is experiencing a religious surge.

Amid tears, Myers Park Baptist pastor says farewellCharlotte (N.C.) Observer: Myers Park Baptist Church says goodbye to a longtime senior minister who announced last week that he needed to walk away from the stresses of pastoring.

The Spark

Did Walker Percy really write the last self-help book?At Big Think, Peter Lawler says lots of readers (about six) have asked him for advice on what book they should read to turn their lives around. His recommendation? Walker Percy's "Lost in the Cosmos: The Last Self-Help Book," published 30 years ago. In the first of several posts, Lawler lays out the basics about being lost in the cosmos.

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