Monday's News & Ideas

  • Multicultural parishes increase
  • Bolz-Weber's faith journey in tattoos
  • Oldest church gets first Latino pastor
  • Religion & Uganda's anti-gay movement
  • Harder to complete the haj
  • Expectations & happiness

Here comes everybody -- againAmerica: The percentage of multicultural parishes in the U.S is on the increase.

A journey of faith in five tattoosCNN Belief blog: Rev. Nadia Bolz-Weber says her tattoos tell the story of how she became who she is today: An unlikely lady preacher who loves Jesus a lot, but also swears a little.

North America's oldest continuing Protestant church welcomes its first Latino pastorNBC Latino: Fort Washington Collegiate Church will have a new pastor, the first Latino in Collegiate's more than 300-year history.

'God Loves Uganda': How religion fueled an anti-gay movementNPR: Documentary traces Ugandan anti-gay bill to American evangelical missions.

Why are Muslims finding it harder to complete the haj?The Economist, Erasmus blog: This year many who had hoped to make the pilgrimage have been disappointed. Why?

The Spark

The truth about happinessHow can happiness be influenced by things we don't have, were never going to have, and wouldn't have missed, if the thought hadn't occurred? It's the fundamental question of wellbeing, Oliver Burkeman writes at The (London) Guardian: happiness equals reality minus expectations .

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