Monday's News & Ideas - 1/7/2019

  • Redesigning sacred spaces
  • Getting simple right
  • Faith on the Hill
  • Evangelicals & Trump
  • Faith & money in politics
  • Kids tell terrible jokes

Redesigning sacred spaces to serve their communities -- and save their congregations
Religion News Service: Philadelphia organization shows what three houses of worship could do if they were redesigned to realize their potential for both congregational and community programming.

Getting simple right
Cardus: The art of organizational vitality.

Faith on the Hill
Pew Forum: The religious composition of the 116th Congress.

Evangelicals have hired their own Goliath
The Washington Post: By all indications, the reluctant support by white evangelical Christians for Donald Trump against Hillary Clinton in 2016 has solidified into something like devotion, says Michael Gerson.

Evangelical mega-donors are rethinking money in politics
The Atlantic: In recent years, Christianity has become publicly associated with conservative political causes. Some wealthy Christians are pushing back.

The Spark

Knock knock. Who's there? Kids. Kids who? Kids tell terrible jokes.
Orange you glad someone wrote an article about this? The Atlantic explains why kids make these weird, often wildly unfunny jokes.

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