Monday's News & Ideas - 1/28/2019

  • Cuba opens first new church
  • Churches with armed security
  • Camping in UK churches
  • Holocaust Remembrance Day
  • Pope winds up youth gathering
  • Confessions of a bad Christian

Cuba opens its first new church since the revolution 60 years ago
CNN: Parishioners wiped away tears and gave thanks to God as the first Roman Catholic church built since the 1959 Cuban revolution opened its doors on Saturday.

Guns and God: Growing number of churches want armed security
NBC News: "Fifty years ago, you could say no guns should be allowed in church, but times have changed," said a police chief who runs a volunteer church security team.

Glory be & B: why tourists are paying to camp out in church
The (London) Guardian: 'Champing' takes off as a way to raise funds to save ancient buildings and open church doors to the community.

Auschwitz survivors pay homage as world remembers Holocaust
Associated Press: The world marked International Holocaust Remembrance Day on Sunday amid a revival of hate-inspired violence and signs that younger generations know less and less about the genocide of Jews, Roma and others by Nazi Germany during World War II.

Pope winds up Panama global youth gathering with big outdoor mass
Reuters: Pope Francis said an open-air Mass before a huge crowd on Sunday to wrap up a jamboree of Catholic youth.

The Spark

Confessions of a bad Christian
The rumors are true, Harrison Scott Key writes at The American Conservative. He is a Christian. He goes to church. And one thing his faith has taught him: "That I should be much more watchful of what's inside me than what's inside you."

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