Monday's News & Ideas - 12/4/2017

  • Poor Peoples Campaign 2
  • Artistry vs. gay rights?
  • Pastor's #MeToo story
  • Rival Anglicans challenge CoE
  • Flynn, Christians & fake news
  • Community bail funds

Ministers look to revive Martin Luther King's 1968 poverty campaign
The New York Times: Organizers now hope to mount large protests on 40 consecutive days next year, in at least 25 state capitals and other locations, with crowds in the tens of thousands courting arrest.

A Supreme Court clash between artistry and the rights of gay couples
NPR: Every Supreme Court term has at least one case that gets people's blood up. A case on which just about everyone has an opinion. That case comes before the justices Tuesday.

A pastor's #MeToo story
Christian Century: "What can we do to make this go away?" a member of the personnel committee asked.

Rival Anglican Church ordains new clergy in challenge to Justin Welby
Christian Today: The Archbishop of Canterbury faces a new threat to his authority this week with a breakaway Anglican church in England set to ordain nine ministers for the first time.

Michael Flynn isn't the only guilty one
Christianity Today: In a sad twist of irony, even as we have claimed to be the true "discerning ones" of honest media, some Christians have been quick to fall for genuine fake news, Ed Stetzer says.

The Spark

When communities say no one should stay in jail just because they're poor
Five out of six people behind bars awaiting trial are there simply because they can't afford bail. But as Yes! reports, community bail funds offer a solution.

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