Monday's News & Ideas - 12/3/2018

  • Men & sexism in the black church
  • Rethink tithing
  • Pope worried about gay priests
  • Controversy over mission group
  • Pastor pay
  • Ghana's red-hot funerals

It's on men to end sexism in the black church
The New York Times: We are responsible for it. So we must end it, says the Rev. Lawrence Ware.

Where charity and love prevail
The New York Times: If those of us who are living in red states want to earn the right to call ourselves the most generous people in America, we'll need to rethink the whole nature of tithing, says Margaret Renkl.

Pope Francis says he's worried about homosexuality in the priesthood
Reuters and the Associated Press: Francis was quoted as describing homosexuality within the walls of seminaries, convents and other religious places as "a very serious question."

Controversy swirls around the group that backed a missionary's fatal trip to Andaman
Quartz: Scrutiny is mounting against the organization that helped prepare a Christian missionary for a trip that led to his death.

The pastor's pay in 2019 and beyond
Christianity Today: Emerging trends for how the ministers of today and tomorrow will be compensated.

The Spark

Ghana's red-hot funerals: Buried in a chilli pepper
Ghanaians take great pride in making coffins that reflect the life, dreams, passions and status of the dead. The BBC visits two carpentry workshops in Ghana to meet the carpenters making custom-made coffins.

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