Monday's News & Ideas - 12/17/2018

  • Internet church isn't church
  • Church parking, taxable benefit
  • Evangelicals' political future
  • Ukraine's Orthodox Church?
  • Harvard Divinity tree fight
  • Oversharing on Instagram?

Internet church isn't really church
The New York Times: Showing up in person is exhausting, especially compared with live-streaming. But being together is the whole point, says Laura Turner.

A holy mess: Churches, other nonprofits confront parking tax
Politico: Under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, the parking benefits that churches, synagogues, hospitals, colleges and other nonprofits offer their employees are suddenly taxable.

Evangelical Christians helped elect Donald Trump, but their time as a major political force is coming to an end
Newsweek: A growing movement among millennials is reshaping the evangelical church and the nation's political landscape.

Ukraine moves to form a unified Orthodox Church independent from Russia
NPR: Ukraine elected the head of a newly unified Orthodox Church this weekend, a move that the nation's president hailed as an important safeguard against future Russian aggression.

Debate swirls about fate of oak tree at Harvard Divinity School
The Boston Globe: The tree is set to be removed to make room to renovate and expand Andover Hall, but not everyone is happy about it, according to the Harvard Crimson.

The Spark

Why your most personal moments are too precious for Instagram
At the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, art critic Sebastian Smee has a message for all social media users this Christmas: it's OK to be alone with your own thoughts. "We live in this culture where everyone thinks that everything can be shared, and a big part of me wants to resist that."

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