Monday's News & Ideas - 11/19/2018

  • Pence's faith-based foreign policy
  • Sheep without shepherds
  • Science & religion
  • Medal for Rev. James Lawson?
  • LGBT & Catholic 'alt-right' attacks
  • Why the Pilgrims survived

Mike Pence's faith-based foreign policy
The Atlantic: When the vice president speaks up for human rights, it's through the narrow lens of his conservative Christian worldview.

Sheep without shepherds
The New York Times: For ordinary Catholics, the failures of their leaders have created a two-decade test of faith, says Ross Douthat.

War between science and religion is far from inevitable
The Conversation: Because science and religion can complement one another as well as come into conflict, the story of their interrelations is complex.

Rev. James Lawson, nonviolence advocate, recommended for Congressional Gold Medal
Religion News Service: The Rev. James Lawson, a United Methodist minister known for his advocacy of nonviolence in the civil rights era and beyond, has been recommended for a Congressional Gold Medal.

How the Catholic 'alt-right' aims to purge LGBTQ members from the church
NBC News: Websites like Church Militant, LifeSite News and the Lepanto Institute are ratcheting up the rhetoric with personal attacks on supporters of gay Catholics.

The Spark

Why the Pilgrims were actually able to survive
The Pilgrims repeatedly thanked God for their good fortune. But without two earlier developments, the entire undertaking at New Plymouth would have likely failed. As The Conversation explains, the Pilgrims were better equipped to survive than they let on.

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