Monday's News & Ideas - 11/13/2017

  • Pastor asks mourners to forgive gunman
  • Moore refocuses on conservative religious values
  • Televangelist-in-chief
  • Pope, conscience & Catholic rules
  • Pauli Murray’s song of hope
  • Can we handle the power of a death laser?

Pastor asks mourners to forgive gunman
Houston Chronicle: A week after a former Air Force enlisted man killed 26 worshippers in the worst mass shooting in Texas history, the pastor whose teenage daughter was among the victims called on more than 700 people to choose love.
The (London) Guardian: 'Not a problem to us': Texas family who lost eight in shooting find hope in faith
Houston Chronicle: At churches, safety concerns intrude
Baptist News Global: Looking for security at church? That’s what got us into this mess.
Religion News Service: The glue that kept Sutherland Springs together before and after the shootings

Moore seeks to refocus campaign on conservative religious values amid firestorm
The Washington Post: Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore of Alabama sought to refocus his campaign on the conservative religious ideals most likely to motivate his base voters, dismissing the national firestorm over allegations that he pursued teenage girls when he was in his 30s.
Newsweek: Roy Moore tells his supporters to 'defeat the forces of evil'
Chicago Tribune: Allegations against Roy Moore roil U.S. evangelical ranks

The televangelist-in-chief: Trump and the prosperity gospel
Harvard Political Review: Although his lapses in Christian ethics are well-known, Trump appeals to the same human desires as the prosperity preachers he follows.
The Washington Post: Trump gets religion, evangelicals say, and now wants to broaden his reach

Pope reaffirms conscience as heresy debate divides church
Religion News Service: Pope Francis on Saturday reaffirmed the “primacy” of using one’s conscience to navigate tough moral questions in his first comments since he was publicly accused of spreading heresy by emphasizing conscience over hard and fast Catholic rules.

Pauli Murray’s song of hope
Huffington Post: Marian Wright Edelman writes that the Episcopal priest “knew that hope often comes from a weary throat but never stopped hoping and working and fighting courageously, strategically and persistently for a country and world where girls of all colors and sexual orientations and everyone else could be treated equally without discrimination or exclusion.”

The Spark

Here’s why plans for a ‘death laser’ in space have been put on hold
There’s constant tension between human ingenuity and the risk that humans can’t be trusted.

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