Monday's News & Ideas - 10/15/2018

  • Sunday after Michael
  • Romero, Pope Paul VI sainted
  • TEC confronts sexual exploitation
  • Ukraine church ruling & Russia
  • Heschels, all around you
  • Over the Alps in a balloon

Hurricane Michael makes Sunday church services somber and hopeful
Pensacola (Florida) News-Journal: Church leaders knew the Sunday following the storm would be important and necessary in what's expected to be a protracted recovery.
Pacific-Standard: Viewfinder: Holding church service in the wake of Hurricane Michael

Oscar Romero, Pope Paul VI elevated to sainthood
NPR: Oscar Romero, the murdered archbishop of San Salvador who spoke up for the poor and oppressed, and Pope Paul VI, the former pontiff who declared birth control "intrinsically wrong," were declared saints on Sunday morning in a ceremony at St. Peter's Square in the Vatican.

Episcopal Church confronts past role in sexual exploitation
The Associated Press: With striking displays of candor, the Episcopal Church is acknowledging the potency of the #MeToo movement by officially lamenting its past role in sexual exploitation and pledging steps to combat it.

Ukraine church ruling challenges Putin's newly religious Russia
Forbes: This apparently spiritual matter carries a high political charge.

Stop looking for the next Heschel. They are all around you.
Forward: The classic model of the one brave charismatic leader -- usually a man -- may be convenient for media, but it is the wrong model.

The Spark

Seven hours in the air with some record-breaking Swiss balloonists
When Kristen Cosby entered the clouds she started to question why she was dangling in a wicker basket at 8,000 feet with nothing between her and the alpine chop but a bit of plywood, straw, and air. At Atlas Obscura, up, up and away over the Alps.

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