Friday's News & Ideas - 9/8/2017

  • White Christians & racism
  • Nashville Statement, nothing new
  • Time for disestablishment
  • Justice Dept. sides with baker
  • Judge's nomination & faith
  • Finding God in a slice of pizza

Let them listen: white Christians need to make an investment in learning about racism
Bearings: In the wake of Charlottesville, David Evans writes why he no longer will answer the question: "Why is racism still a problem?"
Commonweal: A conversation on race? Don't kid me

The Nashville Statement: Maybe the issue isn't the issue
Baptist News Global: Let's not be inordinately concerned about the recent Nashville Statement. It's really nothing new, Bill Leonard says.

The disestablishment of the church is now necessary and inevitable
The (London) Guardian: Now that more than half the UK population has no religion, it's time the church stopped being courtiers of the establishment and reclaimed its counter-cultural voice, Giles Fraser says.

In major Supreme Court case, Justice Dept. sides with baker who refused to make wedding cake for gay couple
The Washington Post: The government argued that the Colorado baker's cakes are a form of expression and he cannot be compelled to use his talents for something that conflicts with his religious beliefs.

Should a judge's nomination be derailed by her faith?
The Atlantic: During a recent hearing, Democratic senators pushed an appellate-court nominee to explain how her faith would affect her legal decisions.

The Spark

Finding God in a hot slice of pizza
As Tova Mirvis tucked her 10-year-old son into bed, he asked, "Do you really believe God cares about kosher pizza?" Once, the answer would have come easily, she writes at The New York Times. But that was before she and his father separated and she ceased following the rules of Orthodox Judaism.

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