Friday's News & Ideas - 9/7/2018

  • Seven states launch clergy abuse investigations
  • Social justice: Gospel or heresy?
  • A tattoo that aims to save lives
  • Site of First Council of Nicaea found
  • Rethinking female empowerment
  • Meet a professional domino artist

After bombshell Pennsylvania Catholic sex abuse report, other states launch investigations
Religion News Service: In the aftermath of the Pennsylvania grand jury report, law enforcement officials in at least seven states — New York, New Jersey, Nebraska, New Mexico, Florida, Missouri and Illinois — appear to be launching their own inquiries or reviews of Catholic dioceses.

Battle lines form over social justice: Is it gospel or heresy?
Religion News Service: Justice has been a frequent topic these days — in the face of a stream of cellphone videos capturing instances of police brutality, conflict over the presence and future of Confederate monuments and racially charged responses to the nation’s changing demographics. Some people have called for Christians to join or start movements for change. But where some see calls for biblical justice, others see heresy.
The Statement on Social Justice and the Gospel

A tattoo that says, ‘Your story is not over’
Baptist News Global: Mark Wingfield of Wilshire Baptist Church in Dallas got a semicolon tattoo on his arm recently after suffering from pain and surgical complications that “left me one step short of being suicidal.” The tattoos are the symbol of the suicide prevention initiative called Project Semicolon, and serve as a visible witness to hope.

Submerged ruins of church heralded 'one of Christianity's most important places' is spotted in aerial photos by chance after centuries of searching
Daily Mail: After years of hunting, archaeologists have found sunken ruins in Turkey that could be where the First Council of Nicaea was held – making it one of the most important places in Christian history.

The missing politics of female empowerment
Stanford Social Innovation Review: If donors and practitioners are serious about greater access to power for marginalized women, the entire framework of contemporary empowerment programming needs to be examined and restructured to allow women to find the cultural, economic, and political space required to address inequality in all its forms.

The Spark

Meet the domino artist behind these amazing chain reactions
Nineteen-year-old Lily Hevesh is obsessed with dominos. She spends hours upon hours building insanely intricate designs and chain reactions before knocking them down. Sound like a strange way to spend your time? Tell that to the nearly 2 million people who've subscribed to her YouTube Channel, where she posts new domino videos every Saturday.