Friday's News & Ideas - 9/22/2017

  • Pope, the Anti-Trump
  • Co'cola @ BYU
  • King & his mentors
  • Philip Jenkins Q&A
  • Texans urge FEMA $ for churches
  • Recovering lament

In Rome, a visit with the Anti-Trump
The New York Times: As the president went low, the pope went high.

BYU is finally selling caffeinated soda to its students. Are we supposed to rejoice?
The Washington Post: Many Mormons are rejoicing at Brigham Young University's announcement that caffeinated soda will be available on campus, and many other people might be wondering whether this is a big deal. The short answer is: It's complicated.
Deseret News: Excited, curious BYU students react to caffeine on campus

King & his mentors
Commonweal: Rediscovering the Black Social Gospel.

Where Satan came from, and other things that happened from the Old Testament to the New
Religion News Service: An interview with Philip Jenkins about his new book, "Crucible of Faith: The Ancient Revolution That Made Our Modern Religious World."

Texas officials urge Trump to act on FEMA funding for houses of worship
Religion News Service: Their request follows a Sept. 4 lawsuit against FEMA filed by three churches in the state that were damaged by Hurricane Harvey.

The Spark

Lament for salvation
In the heart of Jerusalem, Brittany Beacham stood before the Wailing Wall, a place of tears, a place of lament. But as she writes at Convivium, "Lament isn't something we really focus on, or talk about much in the North American church, is it?"

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