Friday's News & Ideas - 9/1/2017

  • Reformation divide cools
  • Lakewood Church & unleveraged assets
  • Nashville Statement backlash
  • Cardinal Cupich Q&A
  • Robots & work
  • Cultivate awe

After 500 Years, Reformation-era divisions have lost much of their potency
Pew Forum: As Protestants prepare to mark the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, new surveys show that the theological differences that split Western Christianity in the 1500s have diminished to a degree that might have shocked Christians in past centuries.

Prosperity gospel is not the only problem with Joel Osteen's Harvey response
Religion Dispatches: Despite its size and public image, Lakewood Church is not all that unique. Unleveraged assets exist within congregations of all faith traditions and sizes.

Why even conservative evangelicals are unhappy with the anti-LGBT Nashville Statement
The Washington Post: Trump's presidency is scrambling internal evangelical power dynamics.
Baptist News Global: Evangelicals are killing LGBTQ youth from the inside out -- soul first

Face to faith with Cardinal Blase Cupich
Religion News Service: Cardinal Cupich goes on the record on controversial issues like how many parishes and schools he's going to close, what he thinks of President Trump and how he's going to deal with the Chicago political machine.

Why the rise of the robots could allow humans to flourish again
The (London) Guardian: Nobody's job is safe. But a citizen's income in a post-work world could see us avoid the Terminator scenario and return to pre-capitalist sources of value.

The Spark

A guide to making more time by cultivating everyday awe
Don't wait for a total solar eclipse, like the one that occurred on Aug. 21, to marvel at the universe. Do it every day, Ephrat Livni writes at Quartz. Cultivating awe is possible and is proven to have mental and physical health benefits.

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