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  • Religion & violence
  • Biblical billionaire
  • Hip-hop holy?
  • Poor people don't matter
  • Muslim world
  • Internet & IQ

Which comes first, violence or religion?The (London) Guardian: Religious tension is on the rise. But all religions have resources both for war and peace, which can be deployed as the situation seems to demand.CNN Belief blog: Spike in religious restrictions in U.S. and world, Pew Center finds

David Green: The Biblical billionaire backing the evangelical movementForbes: Hobby Lobby owner David Green is the largest evangelical benefactor in the world --with plans for unprecedented gifts once he's in heaven.Forbes: Philanthropy by the numbers: religion

Can hip-hop be holy? A Q&A with Monica MillerReligion News Service: Hip-hop's all the rage at universities and seminaries these days, but a professor warns that looking for religion in hip-hop is a risky proposition.

If you're running for President, poor people don't matterBusted Halo: A couple of wrong turns in the Bronx, and that's when Michael O'Loughlin realized poor people don't matter.

The fallacy of the phrase, 'the Muslim world'Aljazeera: Western media reinforces stereotypes by reducing a complex set of causes to the rage of an amorphous mass.

The Spark

Is the internet really making us dumber?Many scholars and critics warn that TV and the Internet are dumbing us down. But, Spiegel reports, if that's true, why are children around the world performing better on IQ tests? Are we actually getting smarter, or are we merely thinking in different ways ?

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