Friday's News & Ideas - 8/4/2017

  • Ethics & gene editing
  • Church embezzlement
  • Millennials & progressive black church
  • Pay gap for pastor-moms
  • Muslim-American political leaders
  • Talk to yourself

Gene editing: Gateway to Promised Land, or key to Pandora's box?
Religion News Service: Bioethicist Arthur Caplan answers some of the ethical and religious questions about gene editing.

Robbing God, literally: 1 in 10 Protestant churches experience embezzlement
Christianity Today: Survey finds 1 in 2 only has enough cash for four months of services.

Will millennials forge a future for the progressive black church?
Religion Dispatches: The Hampton Ministers' Conference could be the birthplace for mainline black denominations to see the shift in traditions take place: the changing of the guard in earnest. But there is a lot of institutional inertia countering such movement.

The pay gap is worse for pastor-moms
Christianity Today: How being married with kids complicates church compensation.

The Muslim Americans leading the push to 'stand up and be leaders' in politics
The (London) Guardian: Religious discrimination and an increase in hate crimes has spurred more Muslims to run for office and adopt an active role in community organizing.

The Spark

Talking to yourself in the third person can lower stress and negative emotions
If you are feeling stressed, try talking to yourself silently in the third person, Big Think reports. A recent study finds that can help you control difficult emotions.

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