Friday's News & Ideas - 8/3/2018

  • UMC debate, lobby & worry
  • From donors to patrons
  • Catholic support for women deacons
  • Pope & the death penalty
  • Nontraditional weddings the norm
  • Lifesaving power of gratitude

United Methodists debate, lobby and worry in advance of LGBT decision
Religion News Service: No matter which of three ways forward is adopted at meeting next year, nobody can accuse United Methodists of rashness.

From donors to patrons: a conversation
Comment: Understanding the commitment and calling of genuine patronage.

Study: Most US major superiors think women deacons 'theoretically possible'
National Catholic Reporter: 72 percent of respondents also say church "should authorize" ordaining women deacons.

The Pope's groundbreaking rejection of the death penalty
The Atlantic: In a revised version of the Catechism, the punishment is deemed unacceptable in all cases.
The Conversation: Can you be Christian and support the death penalty?

Nontraditional weddings have become the norm
Christian Century: Part of Peter W. Marty admires couples who don't pretend to be religious on their wedding day.

The Spark

The lifesaving power of gratitude (or, why you should write that thank you note)
Most parents try to teach their children to feel grateful. Now, as The Conversation reports, some therapists and doctors are encouraging people to focus on gratitude, as studies show that gratitude can be good for health.

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