Friday's News & Ideas - 8/24/2018

  • Sexual abuse & repentance
  • Worship segregated by politics
  • Black millennials & faith/spirituality
  • Pence's outer-space gospel
  • Craft beer, the new church?
  • Freeze pops!

Converting our hearts: sexual abuse and the church's hesitant penance
Baptist News Global: We as Christians are compelled to examine our own hearts, learning or re-learning repentance; discerning and enacting the meaning and method of gospel penance, says Bill Leonard.
NPR: Pope Francis to visit Ireland amid church scandals across the world
America: Why you should watch "Calvary" after the sex abuse scandal

Many churchgoers want Sunday morning segregated … by politics
Christianity Today: Survey finds half of Protestants prefer to worship with people who share their views -- and half believe they already do.

In 'gOD-Talk' discussions, black millennials explore their faith, spirituality
Religion News Service: Los Angeles event explores new ways black people born between 1981 and 1996 are embracing religion and spirituality at a time when the black church is no longer the central organizing force for some African-Americans.

Mike Pence's outer-space gospel
The Atlantic: The vice president's speeches about space sometimes sound like sermons. They draw on a long tradition of evangelical thinking about cosmic exploration.

Leap of faith: is craft beer the new church?
VinePair: Breweries are combining faith and hops, too, providing a sense of community to patrons that previous generations of religiously observant Americans found in houses of worship.

The Spark

The past, present, and future of freeze pops
For many Americans, memories of childhood and summer are tied, at least in part, to the flavor and ice-cold ease of a candy-colored freeze pop, Eater reports. How are the icy treats faring in the modern world?

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