Friday's News & Ideas - 8/2/2019

  • Churches, racism & civil rights
  • Millennials & loneliness
  • ‘Burqa ban’ unworkable
  • Author removes Harris foreword
  • Faith in tech low
  • Mosque rebuilt every year

Montgomery, Ala., churches part of city’s 200-year history of slavery, civil rights
Religion News Service: Connections between Christianity, Confederacy and civil rights -- and the history of slavery -- are in plain sight in Alabama’s capital.

22 percent of millennials say they have “no friends”
Vox: Loneliness can be helpful, unless it becomes chronic.

Dutch ‘burqa ban’ rendered largely unworkable on first day
The Guardian: Police and transport companies have signaled unwillingness to enforce face covering ban.

Southern Baptist author removes foreword by Joshua Harris from his book
Baptist News Global: A Southern Baptist author asked a Christian publisher to remove a foreword written by Joshua Harris from future printings of a book.

Americans now have less faith in tech than church
Christianity Today: Christians hope to address the ethical concerns raised as the country grows more skeptical of Big Tech.

The Spark

The massive mosque built once a year
Every year, residents of Djenné, Mali work together to repair and rebuild the Grand Mosque, the world’s largest mud-brick structure. BBC has the story.

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