Friday's News & Ideas - 8/11/2017

  • Lessons from Princeton conflict
  • New, softer prosperity gospel
  • What's wrong with white Christians?
  • Child safeguard manual
  • Prayer & RIP
  • Kids need risky play

What I learned from our seminary's conflict about hosting Tim Keller
Christian Century: At times, the cost of theological diversity is painfully clear, says Craig Barnes.

A new, softer prosperity gospel still can't deliver on its promises of health and wealth
Religion Dispatches: The prosperity gospel hasn't declined, but it has morphed and now operates in subtler, more culturally palatable ways.

What is wrong with white Christians?
Religion News Service: A new survey from The Washington Post and the Kaiser Family Foundation offers the latest dispiriting news about the troubling state of white Christianity.

New manual guides church leaders in sexual abuse policies and prevention
Religion News Service: New book is intended to help churches implement policies and procedures to protect children and other vulnerable people under their care.

Getting worked up about 'RIP' is itself an Orange indulgence
The (London) Guardian: What makes the Orange Order's theological complaint so pointless is that most people who say 'Rest in peace' do not intend it as a prayer at all. The ideological infrastructure that made sense of such phrases has almost vanished.

The Spark

Why kids need risk, fear and excitement in play
"Be careful!" "Not so high!" "Stop that!" Concerned parents can often be heard urging safety when children are at play. But as The Conversation reports, recent research suggests this may be over-protective and that kids need more opportunities for risky play outdoors.

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