Friday's News & Ideas - 7/6/2018

  • Brooks on Fred Rogers
  • Religion & judicial views
  • Theocracy vs. the kingdom?
  • Marilynne Robinson interview
  • Episcopal gathering
  • Explaining nothing

Fred Rogers and the loveliness of the little good
The New York Times: Mister Rogers' show was an expression of the mainline Protestantism that was once the dominating morality in American life, David Brooks says.

Is it anti-Catholic to ask a Supreme Court nominee how her religion affects her decisions?
Vox: Amy Coney Barrett, who is on President Trump's short list, has written about how religious views and judicial views intersect -- and sometimes collide.

Don't call it theocracy
Comment: James K.A. Smith has a caution for reactionary liberals who hear "theocracy" whenever Christians talk about "the kingdom."

Marilynne Robinson: 'Obama was very gentlemanly ... I'd like to get a look at Trump'
The (London) Guardian: The Pulitzer prize-winning author is "too old to mince words" -- and so she's taking on the cynicism of liberals, the toxic history of America and the sloppiness of contemporary discourse.

Episcopal couples, advocates hope the church removes gay marriage restrictions
USA Today: Episcopalians will consider altering rules related to weddings for same-sex couples when they gather this month in Texas for the denomination's triennial meeting.
Religion News Service: As Episcopalians meet, debate looms about their place in the Anglican world

The Spark

The mind-bendy weirdness of the number zero, explained
For the vast majority of our history, humans didn't understand the number zero. As Vox reports, it's not innate in us. We had to invent it. So let's not take zero for granted. Nothing is fascinating.

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