Friday's News & Ideas

  • What young Catholics want
  • Love grounded in faith
  • Brazil, the Catholic laboratory
  • Church sell-off in Germany
  • God is no Yeti
  • Nike fairy tales

The church young Catholics wantWashington Post: What do young Catholics want?

Is love more real when grounded in faith?The (London) Guardian: God may be love to spiritual souls, but scientific theories of the most powerful human sentiment also show it makes life richer.

A laboratory for revitalizing CatholicismThe New York Times: If there is any place that captures the challenges facing Catholicism around the world it is Brazil.

The Last Supper: Germany's great church sell-offSpiegel: Dwindling church attendance and dire financial straits are forcing the Catholic and Protestant Churches in Germany to sell off church buildings en masse.

God is no Yeti: a rumination on religionChicago Tribune: Author Michael Robbins says it drives the atheists bonkers: How does this God stuff keep duping people, three centuries after the Enlightenment?

The Spark

The big business of fairy talesThe arrest of South African runner Oscar Pistorius in the shooting death of his girlfriend is prompting uncomfortable questions for Nike, The Wall Street Journal reports. The double-amputee athlete is the latest member of the company's stable of sports stars who have become a target of serious allegations. There is a growing sense that the mythmaking may have to stop. As another athlete said, "This is the biggest lesson to learn: that there really aren't heroes."

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