Friday's News & Ideas - 7/26/2019

  • Rob Moll dies
  • Museum of Bible critics
  • Does Trump help persecuted?
  • Barr revives death penalty
  • Clergy back lawsuit against DHS
  • Internet rot

Hiker dies after 100-foot fall in Mount Rainier National Park. Victim was author
Tacoma News Tribune: Rob Moll wrote for Christianity Today and Faith & Leadership among many other outlets and was the author of two books, “The Art of Dying” and “What Your Body Knows About God.”
Religion News Service: A goodbye to a man who taught us how to look at death

Who is the Museum of the Bible really for? Scholarly book examines multiple problems
Religion News Service: The academic community's critiques have been collected in a book cataloging a host of ills, from the museum's focus on the Protestant Bible to faked artifacts to an alleged evangelical agenda.

Trump aims to protect persecuted Christians, but some aren’t sure he’s helping
Religion News Service: An increasingly vocal band of advocates and experts says the Trump administration’s refugee policies are out of sync with its promises to protect religious minorities from persecution, especially Christians, Yazidis and other groups in the Middle East.

Catholic leaders decry Barr’s decision to revive federal death penalty
America: Running against national trends both in public opinion on capital punishment and states opting to end its use, Attorney General William Barr has cleared the way for the federal government to resume executions.

Coalition of 850 religious leaders backs lawsuit against DHS surveillance of pastor
Religion News Service: More than 850 ordained clergy from around North America have formed an interfaith coalition in support of Dousa, senior pastor of Park Avenue Christian Church.

The Spark

The internet is rotting -- let’s embrace it
All through human history, humans reserved remembering for the things that really mattered to them and forgot the rest. Now the internet is making forgetting a lot harder, The Conversation says.

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