Friday's News & Ideas - 7/13/2018

  • CoE, back to the future
  • Mr. Rogers doc, success & faith
  • Religious minorities @ Supreme Court
  • Facebook transforming religion?
  • Bible, literature for the resistance
  • We're all Lisa

Back to the future: that's where the Church of England must dare to go
The (London) Guardian: If the church wants to survive, and thrive, it will need to see itself in a new light - more responsive, and willing to embrace how people live today.

The surprising success -- and faith -- of 'Won't You Be My Neighbor?'
Religion News Service: Perhaps the success of a documentary about a slow-paced children's show hosted by a kind, soft-spoken Presbyterian minister shouldn't be a surprise.

Why Catholics and Jews dominate at the Supreme Court
Religion News Service: The Supreme Court is dominated by two religious minorities that came into this country as immigrants in the 19th and early 20th centuries and strained to gain a footing equal to that of the Protestant establishment.

How Facebook is transforming religion
Sightings: If Facebook can influence democracy and elections, can it also influence our religious beliefs, our theologies and the ways in which we live out our faith?

The Bible is literature for the resistance
The Washington Post: The Bible brims with protest songs and prison letters, subversive poetry and politically charged visions, satirical roasts of the powerful and storied celebrations of dissidents, says Rachel Held Evans.

The Spark

We are all one bad day from derailing a city zoning meeting
In a now viral video, a woman named Lisa rambled on about her personal life during the public comment period of a Davenport, Iowa, zoning meeting. At Mockingbird, Carrie Willard wonders if, deep down, we're all just a little bit Lisa. "Whether we're Lisa or the zoning board, none of us really knows what we're doing, do we?"

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