Friday's News & Ideas - 6/8/2018

  • Religion professors & culture wars
  • Wrong kind of Jesus
  • Fewer church weddings
  • New prez @ Louisville Presbyterian
  • Forgotten religion returns
  • Love, kindness & Mr. Rogers

Religion professors become flashpoint in campus culture wars
Sightings: If our classrooms become sites in which all trust is lost, in which either student or faculty provocateurs seek conflict, in which a conversation gone wrong becomes a social-media firestorm, education will become impossible, says David P. Gushee.

The wrong kind of Jesus: from symbol to substance
Baptist News Global: Christians in America today often seem captivated by the wrong kind of Jesus, replacing the "come-to-me-all-ye-who-labor-and-are-heavy-laden" Nazarene with a weaponized Christ, suitable for intimidating and/or excluding each other, says Bill Leonard.

Fewer couples are marrying in churches. Does it matter?
Religion News Service: What accounts for this dramatic change? Is anything lost? Does it even matter?

Louisville Presbyterian seminary names new president
Louisville Business Journal: The Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary has named the Rev. Alton Pollard III, a scholar of diverse religions and cultures, as its 10th president.

A forgotten religion gets a second chance in Brooklyn
The New York Times: Various churches dot the Brooklyn neighborhood of Crown Heights. But the Faithists stand apart with an unusual history.

The Spark

Why Mister Rogers' message of love and kindness is good for your health
Since Mr. Rogers' death in 2003, evidence has mounted that he was on to something, The Conversation reports - namely, that love and kindness truly are healthful, and that people who express them regularly really do lead healthier lives.

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