Friday's News & Ideas - 6/22/2018

  • U.S. Protestants' pivotal moment
  • Could SBC become feminists?
  • 3 stages of giving
  • A monk's memoir
  • CoE abuse inquiry 'flawed'
  • Why humans are cruel

This is a pivotal moment in American Protestantism
CNN: Put simply, America's two largest Protestant denominations -- one mainline, one evangelical -- are facing institutional rifts that pit established policies of the past against activist calls for inclusion, justice and new leadership, says Diana Butler Bass.

Could Southern Baptists actually become feminists?
The New York Times: Religious institutions are particularly adept at evading change, especially in regard to women, says Margaret Bendroth.

The 3 stages of giving: Deference, arrogance and inquiry
The Conversation: Thinking about philanthropy in a more complex way may help donors do more good.

Following Merton into a "Useless Life"
Bearings: A review of "In Praise of the Useless Life: A Monk's Memoir."

Church of England's 2010 abuse inquiry was 'flawed' and 'failed'
BBC: The Church of England "botched" its investigation into alleged cases of abuse, a report's author has said.

The Spark

Why humans are cruel
Why are human beings so cruel? And how do we justify acts of sheer inhumanity? At Vox, Paul Bloom, a psychology professor at Yale, explains why humans are so terrible to each other.

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