Friday's News & Ideas - 6/16/2017

  • Media creates false SBC narrative
  • What are you asking others to do?
  • 7 theology books for summer
  • Papal leisurewear a hit with clergy
  • Why you need a writing group
  • Flint's glittering prom

A media firestorm elevates a false narrative of Southern Baptist racism
Religion News Service: Since the proceedings of denominational meetings are so boring, we in the media ignore reports about growth and decline, missions and evangelism in order to find controversial items that will feed an insatiable hunger for political news. We usually accomplish this by over-hyping denominations’ resolutions, brief statements often about current affairs that are voted on, reported on and summarily forgotten, writes Jacob Lupfer.
Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Arlington pastor McKissic a winner after Southern Baptists condemn white racist ‘alt-right’

The work we leave for others
Young Clergy Women International Magazine: Be mindful of what you are asking clergy women to do, writes the Rev. Kelly Boubel Shriver. "This issue of not being mindful of the work you leave for others is a deep, entrenched, and often invisible issue. It’s a hard cycle to break, especially for clergy women, because by refusing to do this work, we’re often left with the bad outcome of being seen as uncooperative or allowing unjust situations to stand uncontested."

Seven theology books for your summer reading
Patheos: They might not be beach reads, but these theology books are worth your time and attention, writes Kyle Roberts.

Vatican tailors, cobblers try to adapt to Francis’s ‘papal athleisure’
Crux: Pope Francis's emphasis on simplicity and frugality is a hit all around the world, but it's produced just a bit of backlash among fashion-conscious Italians, including an exclusive club of tailors and shoemakers who outfit pontiffs -- some of whom are a little nostalgic for the days when being pope also meant dressing to the nines.

Why you need a writing group
Chronicle of Higher Education: A writing group, and other forms of peer mentoring, can play a role in countering the pressures of academic life.

The Spark

Flint holds a glittering prom, far from Flint
The seniors of Flint Northwestern High School were in agreement. The prom could be anywhere but Flint. This prom was a chance to set aside anxieties about the city’s three-year-old water crisis, its poverty and its gun violence.