Friday's News & Ideas - 5/11/2018

  • Paige Patterson apologizes
  • Churches and domestic violence
  • The right to refuse 'gay cake' message
  • Will Mormon girls benefit from leaving Boy Scouts?
  • China-Vatican deal stalls
  • What's inside an atom?

Southern Baptist leader apologizes for sermon example about teenage girl’s physical appearance
Washington Post: Paige Patterson, president of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, has issued an apology just days after thousands of Southern Baptist women signed an open letter to the trustees of his seminary that said they were shocked by his comments that “objectify a teenage girl.”
SWBTS news release: An apology to God’s people

Churches can no longer hide domestic violence
New York Times: Reporters from the Australian Broadcasting Corp. spent a year studying how church culture affects the behavior of perpetrators and victims, what teachings can be exploited by abusers, and how faith leaders respond to accusations of domestic violence.

The ‘gay cake’ fight: why the bakers had a right to refuse this order
The Guardian: Freedom to express one’s beliefs must necessarily include also the right not to express a view with which with one disagrees, writes Kenan Malik in a column about an Irish bakery that refused to decorate a cake with a slogan it didn’t agree with.

Will Mormons’ departure from the Boy Scouts open the door for girls’ equality?
Religion News Service: The LDS Church has announced that in the place of Boy Scouts and the various programs previously used for girls, a new initiative will be implemented. Is it possible that Mormon boys and girls might now get the best of all possible worlds?

Abide in darkness: China’s war on religion stalls Vatican deal
Wall Street Journal: A landmark agreement aimed at healing a nearly 70-year rift between Beijing and the Vatican is in limbo as the Chinese government tightens control over religion, including the implementation of strict new regulations in February.

The Spark

The ‘aha moment’ that led to nuclear physics
A diagram in an obscure German technical journal gave Ernest O. Lawrence, inventor of the world’s first operational circular particle accelerator, the key to solving one of early 20th century physics' stubborn questions: What's inside an atom?

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