Friday's News & Ideas - 4/27/2018

  • Carter's pious presidency
  • Evangelicals' Trump retreat
  • Scholarship & seminary formation
  • Change & the Catholic Church
  • Scotland's crisis of Christianity
  • China's 'social credit score'

The pious presidency of Jimmy Carter
The New York Times: Garry Wills reviews Jimmy Carter's new book, Faith: A Journey for All.
The Conversation: Why this conservative bastion chose a liberal evangelical icon for its commencement speech

At a private meeting in Illinois, a group of evangelicals tried to save their movement from Trumpism
The New Yorker: A recent meeting of evangelicals at Wheaton left Katelyn Beaty feeling deeply unsettled about the moral and political fortitude of her spiritual community in the era of Trump and beyond.

Scholarship is necessary part of seminary formation
National Catholic Reporter: Without a rigorous course of study, newly ordained priests will be ill equipped to operate effectively, whether they be of a conservative, liberal or moderate bent.

The Catholic Church can be changed
The Week: Many conservative Catholics will resist it. But justice and mercy ought to be more important than doctrinal consistency.

Faith no more: Are Scotland's churches facing a crisis of Christianity?
The (Dundee, Scotland) Courier: As churchgoer numbers continue to fall in Scotland, is Christianity in crisis?

The Spark

How China's 'social credit score' will punish and reward citizens
It's been compared to an episode of the hit Netflix series, "Black Mirror." As Big Think reports, by 2020, China plans to assign each of its 1.4 billion citizens a "social credit score" that will determine what people are allowed to do, and where they rank in society.

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