Friday's News & Ideas - 4/21/2017

  • Don't bet on religious left
  • No cutting to greatness
  • Non-ordained Franciscan leaders?
  • Protect, serve & pray in 'Bama
  • Inside hoshino stone church
  • Re-reading Paradise Lost

Don't bet on the emergence of a 'religious left'
FiveThirtyEight: Despite suggestions that a progressive religious movement is emerging, it's doubtful that a revitalized "religious left" will actually materialize.

Cutting your way to greatness
Inside Higher Ed: Has cutting your way to greatness ever worked?

Franciscans ask to expand church leadership pool
Catholic News Service: Franciscans ask the Pope for the "privilege" of allowing non-ordained religious brothers to be elected to leadership positions, including those with authority over ordained priests.

To protect and serve (and pray)
The Atlantic: Alabama could soon create something unprecedented in American legal history: a police department run by a church.
The Root: The racist, homophobic history of an Ala. church gunning for its own police force

A look inside Kendrick Kellogg's hoshino stone church in Japan
Designboom: American architect Kendrick Bangs Kellogg, one of the early developers of organic architecture in the mid 20th century, designed Japan's hoshino stone church.

The Spark

Why you should re-read Paradise Lost
The greatest epic poem in the English language, John Milton's Paradise Lost, has divided critics. But as the BBC reports, its influence on English literature is second only to Shakespeare's .

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