Friday's News & Ideas - 3/9/2018

  • Black exodus from white churches
  • Wrinkle in Time & L'Engle's faith
  • Religious freedom ruling
  • Missionaries redefined
  • Boosting volunteers
  • Death of civility in digital age

A quiet exodus: why blacks are leaving white evangelical churches
The New York Times: It has been a scattered exodus -- a few here, a few there -- and mostly quiet, more in fatigue and heartbreak than outrage. But for many black churchgoers in majority-white congregations, the current breach feels particularly painful.
The New York Times: At the crossroads of church and race, a reporter glimpses his childhood

Madeleine L'Engle's Christianity was vital to A Wrinkle in Time
Vox: The new Disney movie has excised L'Engle's faith.
History: A Wrinkle in Time's' long religious controversy

An appeals court keeps religious freedom within decent bounds
Religion News Service: On Wednesday, a federal appeals court said that you can't fire a transgender person just because you think gender is a gift from God that can't be changed.

A new generation redefines what it means to be a missionary
The Atlantic: Traditionally, the West sent Christian missionaries to evangelize in the Global South. In 2018, should it be the other way around?

How to get more Americans to volunteer
The Conversation: The share of people who give their time to good causes is starting to dip.

The Spark

The death of civility in the digital age
Mark Oppenheimer wrote a foolish take on Harvey Weinstein's Judaism, and was mobbed for days on social media, he writes at The New Republic. Then he rediscovered the joys of life offline, where humans treat each other with decency.

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