Friday's News & Ideas

  • Starbucks CEO cancels
  • Preventing a knowledge vacuum
  • Idolizing the Bible?
  • Chaplaincy funding cuts
  • Education and religiosity
  • Grabbed from a burning building

Starbucks CEO withdraws from Willow Creek Leadership Summit Christianity Today: Gay rights activists had protested Howard Schultz's scheduled appearance.

Intelligence lost: The boomers are exiting Business Week: Follow these eight steps to ensure that boomer retirement doesn't leave a knowledge vacuum.

Has the Bible become an idol? Huffington Post: In our zeal to honor the importance of the Bible and extol its usefulness, we may unintentionally do the opposite, reducing it to merely a revelation of divine principles for life.

States scramble to find prison chaplains after cuts Religion News Service: Across the nation, religious life behind bars is changing as correctional departments face budget cuts along with other state agencies.

Next generation of priests faces the fallout of abuse Oregon Public Broadcasting: The young men who are now old enough to consider entering the seminary grew up in an era of crisis in the Catholic church.

Study: More educated tend to be more religious, by some measures CNN Belief Blog: After analyzing data from a large national survey, University of Nebraska-Lincoln sociologist Philip Schwadel found that people actually tend to become more religious -- by some definitions, at least -- as they further their education.

The Spark

Oh snap!: What would you grab if your house were on fire?What would you take with you if your house were burning? Anyone who has actually been in this situation knows that the hypothetical list devised on road trips dissolves when faced with actual smoke and flames, Slate reports. No matter how many times it gets asked, however, it’s still a fascinating question -- one that cuts to the heart of what people value.

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